SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast is a campaign type for you to send out bulk SMS to all or selected recipients quickly. Use this campaign type to promote your events, products or property launches. There are many other uses, for example: sending out important information like service outages to field engineers.

Intuitive User Interface
Setting up a SMS Broadcast campaign is simple, just fill up a form and click send.

Campaign based
SMS Broadcast is campaign-based, allowing you to target different customer segments and analyse the results in separate campaigns and reports.

Fast Sending Speed
FlexiSMS allows you to reach your customers or target audience in a timely fashion. Normal sending speed using a phone or a GSM modem can be as slow as 1 SMS every 10 seconds. With FlexiSMS, you enjoy sending speeds of up to 10 SMS every second!

Due to upcoming new rules for Do-Not-Call Registry in Singapore, this feature will not be available from 1 Jan 2014 onwards until further notice.
Sender-ID masking is provided at no additional costs, allowing you to enhance your brand image every time a SMS is sent. You can specify different Sender-IDs for different campaigns. This allows you to market your brand name and promotions appropriately when required. Your recipients will receive SMS from your defined Sender-ID instead of a long number. For example: “FlexiSMS” instead of “+6592778777”.

Personalized SMS, CSV Imports
You can upload different contact lists for each different campaign through CSV (comma separated file format) files. You may also personalize the SMS using columns in the CSV. Like mail-merging, each recipient will get a personalized SMS. Instead of the generic “Dear sir/mdm, …”, for personalized SMS, Jack will receive “Dear Jack, …” and Jill will receive “Dear Jill, …”. CSV entries can also be synchronized to your Contacts book if desired.

NEW! Flash SMS support
When you send your SMS as a Flash SMS, your message appears directly on the phone’s screen, instead of the ‘Inbox’. It is an useful alternative to normal SMS when you want to catch the recipients attention immediately. The recipient has the option of saving the Flash SMS to his/her ‘Inbox’. Do note that Flash SMS is quite intrusive and should not be used indiscriminately.

For compliance, messages can be flagged as unsolicited. This will automatically add the required “<ADV>” header as well as unsubscribe information at the end of the message.

To unsubscribe, recipients will send a SMS to you in this format:


Example: “STOP FLEXI” will ask FlexiSMS to flag this mobile number as unsubscribed.

Unsubscribed contacts will automatically be flagged in the Contacts Book. An entry with this number and flagged as unsubscribed will be created in Contacts Book if it does not exist.

Scheduled Broadcasts, No Send Time
Broadcasts can be immediately dispatched or scheduled at a later date and time. Optionally, you may define a time period where no SMS will be sent; so that your recipients
will not receive SMS in the middle of the night. Broadcasts processed partially will continue sending after this defined period.

Sending Global SMS
You can reach your overseas recipients outside Singapore at affordable rates. Do note that Sender-ID masking may not work outside Singapore.

Sending in different languages
FlexiSMS supports unicoded SMS content like Mandarin, Korean, Japanese etc.

Save your SMS to templates for re-use in other campaigns. Integration Whenever you key in a URL in your SMS message, FlexiSMS will automatically shorten the URL using your account.
This not only shortens your message, at the same time, you can easily track and analyse the click-throughs via that URL in your account. Very good tool to know if your SMS broadcast is effective. Learn more about

You will not be charged for unsubscribe requests to +65 92 778 777.
Each outgoing SMS will incur credits as specified in the rates table.

** Do note that Sender-ID masking will not work when SMS is sent to a non-Singapore number.




  • ~ Andrew Leo (COO, Connect Centre Pte Ltd)

    Connect Centre Pte Ltd"Flexisms allows our customer service officers to seamlessly integrate with our current service operations.  With single and mass broadcast SMS abilities to not just local but overseas counterparts, it increases our productivity and efficiency, not to mention the quick ROI which makes it a low cost and effective add-on to our..."

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